Ozeanisches Gefühl, 2019

Photos by Aleks Slota

3D-wave-simulation video

Ozeanisches Gefühl (oceanic feeling), 2018 – 2019

Single-channel HD video with sound 00:10:00 (loop), infrared heater, wind machines, and Arduino

We are caught in the sea, swept and trapped in an endless vortex of what is unknown. Rogue waves are large, unexpected appearing waves that can be extremely dangerous.There are many studies about rogue waves: however, the exact dynamics of their formation remains unclear. Even though technology has advanced, it is nearly impossible to correctly predict future events. Therefore, we have a greater fear of the unknown than in the past. In this project, I attempt to create a space where the audience can experience overwhelming cognitive and physical aspects of fear. This work consists of a video projection, poem narration “Waves of Fear”, and simultaneous manipulation of room temperature. The video is a careful 3D-reconstruction of oceanic waves, with increasing frequency of appearing rogue waves. The poem explores my own experiences with fear, in which others may see a reflection of themselves. The room temperature is manipulated in sync with the video projection and narration.