Cave of Pan, 2020

Photo by Aleks Slota

Cave of Pan, 2020

Single-channel HD video with sound 00:03:06 (loop)

In ancient Greek religion and mythology, Pan is the god of nature and the wild, shepherds, and simultaneously, he is the god of the sudden sensation of fear. The word panic originally derives from his name. Pan is also connected to fertility and the season of spring. In this work, Pan is not just the bearer of panic, but is also playful. He shows abnormal movements and also stares into the screen. The world system is built for those who have “normal” body postures. Therefore, people with involuntary movements often struggle to follow these system. And besides that, when people see those who are different, they panic and as an automatic response, people with stigma panic as well, merely by encountering other people without the same stigma.