500202 Skeptoid, 2013

500202 Skeptoid – the discovery of an asteroid, 2013

Digital images, sculpture with sound and vibrating motors, a single-channel video 00:17:00

This project is about the discovery of an asteroid. In this work, in collaboration with Dr Felix Lühning of Archenhold-Sternwarte (astronomical observatory) and Wiebke Gagalon of the Center for Astronomy und Astro-physics at the Technical University in Berlin, I created a documentary about asteroids to draw parallels between floating objects in space and fleeting thoughts. An average human being typically has more than 20,000 thoughts per day and most of them go unnoticed. Similarly, asteroids move in vast dark spaces in the universe, without ever becoming the focus of our attention. Only a few, like thoughts, will be caught at the right moment in time by our stream of consciousness.

500202 SKEPTOID (2012 UA9)